Jay Rosen’s Maxims

@jayrosen_nyu’s new media maxims, as he presented them to the World Bank, are…

  • “Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one” – A.J. Liebling (…and now, because of new media, anyone can own one);
  • Open systems don’t work like closed systems (“Anyone can sign up”);
  • “Sources go direct” (Dave Winer);
  • Audience atomization has been overcome (People are connected across to one another as effectively as they are connected-up to big institutions).

[UPDATE, June 4, 2012:

I just found a version of Rosen's maxims, adding up to ten. (Okay, perhaps these number more because they are journalism maxims rather than new media maxims?) In any case, I subscribe to them all:

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1. Audience atomization has been overcome. (Link)

2. Open systems don’t work like closed systems. (Link)

3. The sources go direct.  (Dave Winer)

4. When the people formerly known as the audience use the press tools they have to inform one another— that’s citizen journalism. (Link)

5. “There’s no such thing as information overload, there’s only filter failure.” (Clay Shirky)

6. “Do what you do best and link to the rest.” (Jeff Jarvis)

7. “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; I just don’t know which half.” (John Wanamaker)

8. “Here’s where we’re coming from” is more likely to be trusted than the View from Nowhere. (Link)

9. The hybrid forms will be the strongest forms. (Link)

10. “My readers know more than I do.” (Dan Gillmor)

Bonus notion: You gotta grok it before you can rock it. (Link)