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How is this for a seminar on “social media”?

Nov 10, 2008 - commspr, communications, PR, ProCom, public relations, ROI, seminar, social media, strategy - 0 Comments - Standard

“(…) I am preparing a one-day seminar on “social media” for Communications and Public Relations professionals, to be held in Helsinki in January. Please, have a look at my draft program. Any thoughts? Does this look like a comprehensive set-up? What are we missing? Who would be great speakers on these topics? And how can we best support this seminar online? (…)”

Nielsen Norman’s 10 best intranets of 2006

Feb 04, 2006 - blogging, communications, intranets, usability - 0 Comments - Standard

The Nielsen Norman Group’s report ‘Intranet Design Annual 2006: Ten Best Intranets of the Year’ reveals increased use of multimedia, e-learning, internal blogs, and mobile access. Winning companies also encouraged consistent design by emphasizing training for content contributors,” Jakob Nielsen wrote in his Alertbox column of January 23, 2006.