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Capturables from Bad Hair Day #6

Aug 06, 2009 - Anil Dash, Bad Hair Day, Dave Winer, Marshall Kirkpatrick, podcast, RSS, Typepad, WordPress - 0 Comments - Standard

This week’s Bad Hair threesome talked about Anil’s vision of the pushbutton web, on which he wrote an insightful post recently, how this relates to Dave’s recent work on rssCloud, and to Google’s PubSubHubBub. And Twitter, of course :-)

Shared reading back on

Jun 08, 2009 - Google Reader,,, RSS, shared reading, Yahoo! Pipes - 0 Comments - Standard

By modifying my shared reading feed in Yahoo! Pipes, I managed to address one of the three issues I mentioned yesterday. But I think it’s the most important one: to make clear to readers of my blog that the posts in question are my shared reading, that they are re-blogged and that they originate elsewhere. Any help for non-geeks using Yahoo! Pipes is appreciated.

Dugg: Geek Army Knife #4 – chatting to Charlie about livestreams

My friendly and knowledgeable colleague Charlie Schick in a podcast interview by Geek Army Knife, “(…) spoke about lifestreaming and how it led [him] to thinking about semantics. [He] mentioned a bunch of folks along the way, including Friendfeed, Socialthing, Socialbrain [or Second|Brain?], Lovely Systems, and TagCrowd. (…)”