I advise companies on how to make the best use of inbound marketing and content marketing techniques.

They may engage me in marketing and sales strategy development, project and process management, as well as training their staff.

Tactical support may include website and social media channel development, content creation

and measurement of reach and impact.

Time-based or results-based consulting can be arranged directly or through my firm, Cluetail Ltd.


What comes with the package

For what it’s worth, here’s my attempt at characterizing what comes with the package in case we were to work together:

Professional. Committed. Transparent. Customer-focused. Results-driven. Inspired by people. Lean, not mean. Networked. International. Clutter and cost conscious. Analytical. Creative. A storyteller.

I’ve worked with small and big companies in the Netherlands and in Finland, including AP Dow Jones News Service and Wegener Arcade in Amsterdam, two years at Talentum in Helsinki and six years at Nokia HQ’s corporate communications team before founding Cluetail in 2009.

The teams that I’ve been part of have received several media innovation awards.

I’m fluent in Dutch, English and German with conversational command of Finnish. I have a strong business network in the Netherlands as well as in Finland and I have been immersed in both markets and cultures.

There is a science and an art to developing a compelling online presence or a successful inbound content marketing and sales practice.

Quantification and data analysis keep us focused on results. On what works and what doesn’t. On doing the right things.

But without thinking out of the box, without experimentation and creativity, nothing will make a brand stand out. Those are the hard-to-quantify ingredients of doing things right.

Finding the balance is a fascinating journey.

With inbound, I feel that everything I’ve done in my 25 years of journalism (intra- and internet concept development, project management, corporate communications and online marketing) is coming together.

Now ain’t that somethin’?

“When TPS went through a complete rebranding, Jos introduced us to the world of inbound marketing. He helped us, in a highly professional manner, to adopt a content strategy and to set up the required processes and tools. He contributed strongly to the quality of content on our online channels as well as the measurability of their reach and impact.”

General Manager, TPS B.V.


Here are a few projects that I've been working on during the not-so-distant past. I listed a few more on a separate page, 'Cases' (you guessed it!).


Beautiful new website for Kaluste-Kippari to show their interior design products and services. Multi-step opt-in for eBook download, as part of a content marketing strategy.

Ride for a Lifetime

PR activities for and sponsorsing by Cluetail of Ride for a Lifetime. Two deprived Dutch fathers rode their cargo bikes from Holland to Finland in a campaign to fight child cancer.
Ride for a Lifetime | Facebook


Online marketing strategy, website development and maintenance, web & social media content marketing for Scout, the franchise recruiting and people development agency.

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