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Ida Hakola: ‘Let’s build the pull era!’

Ida Hakola
Ida Hakola

On November 21, 2014, Vapa Media will host the first Nordic Content Forum event. The Helsinki-based digital content strategy agency organised a local edition of the international CS Forum series last year and are now taking matters firmly into their own hands by focusing on the Nordics. Read more

Kati Sulin: “It’s a beautiful combination of my past roles”

Kati Sulin

Head Office Finland, the third international branch of the Head Office franchise, started its operations today. I called Kati Sulin to ask her about her first day as CEO. Turns out that, while the new content marketing firm is indeed getting started, she is still rounding things up at Fazer and will move in in two weeks’ time. Read more

On paid, owned and earned media

Jos Schuurmans
Hello there!

[UPDATE, May 15, 2015: I decided to discontinue the domain ‘paid-owned-earned.com’ and its website and to focus on developing cluetail.com. I imported the content from ‘paid-owned-earned.com’ here as an archive.]

paid-owned-earned.com is here to share insights about digital marketing, in particular content marketing, from conversations with marketing executives and thought leaders. It’s all about paid, owned and earned media.

My name is Jos (pronounce: “Yoss”) Schuurmans (oh, never mind) and I help brands succeed in content marketing; strategically as well as tactically.
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Fighting child cancer by bike from Holland to Helsinki | Helsinki Times

Finnish foreign affairs minister Alexander Stubb on his election campaign trail, stopping in Järvenpää to express his support for ‘Ride for a Lifetime’.
Photo: Martti Meisalo.

‘Ride For A Lifetime’: a 2000-kilometer cargo bike ride in the fight against child cancer

HELSINKI – In their quest to collect money for the fight against child cancer, two bereaved Dutch fathers who live in Finland are planning to cycle on cargo bikes from Holland to Helsinki this summer. They call it the ‘Ride for a Lifetime’.

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